That's just what Heinrich needs.

They say that beet juice can lower blood pressure.


The Jewish religious leadership required every Jewish individual to learn to read and study the Torah.

Can I talk to you out here?

What he said can scarcely be true.


They grew frustrated.

I'll do everything I can to help.

I am sure you have met Debbie.

Tell me where I should put my suitcases.

I'd look into it.


Since we've gotten talking about Shakespeare... have you already read his composition?

Do what you think is best.

They have a strict idea of time.

He went out of his way to help me when I was in trouble.

Could you hold on for just a second?


Tahsin had nothing more to do.


You have a car, don't you?

You have no proof of that.

Josh accepted that what Bea said was true.

Stay away from us.

Since they were tired, they turned in earlier than usual.

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He'd had no experience of teaching, but he plunged in nonetheless.

A damp, cold day affects a person's health.

"Why must I always leave everything to the last minute?" Sedovic cursed as he was hastily finalising his essay, which was due in two hours.

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It's a good idea to stop using direct-links to files. Use a trick like starting the URL with double-width h t t p or something.

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With whom did they speak?

Who did that?

Did you speak with him about your projects?

My father never talked about the war.

Frankly speaking, he was quite shy.

I don't think you'll get it.

What a surprise!

Do you believe in magic?

This way we can evaluate if the sound quality is good enough.

He started at the bank in the post of manager.

There is not a physical explanation for this phenomenon yet.

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Mars has some of the largest volcanoes in the solar system; Olympus Mons is over 600 kilometers wide and 26 kilometers high!

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He liked making decisions.

Why don't you take some time off?

When was the last time you had a checkup?


We should've brought a flashlight.

Real life begins after coffee.

Child, my name is Jesus and I'm your father.

My watch loses ten minutes a day.

How quickly can we get that done?


Did you give Corey something to eat?

It is a black hole.

Don't worry. I've already taken care of it.


Did you come across anyone you know on your way here?


Give Rebecca a chair.


Did you have something you wanted to tell us?

What kind of monkeys are those?

Do not mention the accident before the children.

The water was lukewarm.

All of us were silent.


Did I really say that?

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Knute didn't have a lot to say.

This tastes like passion fruit.

Is that real blood?


I scaled Mt. Fuji three times.

We went down to the valley where the village is.

I think that globalization has negative effects as well as positive.

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I can't read Japanese calligraphy, so could you please write in standard style?

All the films are boring.

Turn yourself in to the police.

Earnie flicked the switch and the lights came on.

He was obviously very sick.

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There is no free lunch.

Are you certain of that?

He is not so much a scholar as a poet.

Wilmer signaled Terrance with a nod.

May I call on you again?


Vadim is a pescatarian.

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Let me talk to her first.


Business failures are down 10% this year.

What is the difference between a pigeon?

I think this isn't going to be enough.

That was an honest mistake.

I talked him into selling his house.

I worked hard in order to pass the math test.

He asked me if he could see me again.

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Have you read the book yet?

What utter nonsense.

She gypped me out of my money!

I've contacted him.

Will he come? I don't think he will come.

I don't want to make the same mistakes over again.

The poor don't get richer when the rich get poorer.

I changed my mind about going out and stayed home.

Several houses were damaged in the last storm.

My mother used to read me stories when I was a young kid.

You're perfect the way you are.


They came rowing towards shore in a rowboat.


There are lots of signs warning that they prosecute shoplifters.

Students have access to the library.

Her harsh manner of speaking doesn't suit her pretty face.

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Anatoly hates me, you know.

Please come home with me.

I can speak Spanish fluently.

Calvin said he had things he needed to do.

What's in your mind?

We bought a round table.

This is exactly what I expected from you.

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The boy read a book about pirates.

Darin was here, too.

I don't know why he quit the company.

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Esperanto will win.

Are people born intelligent or stupid, or is intelligence the result of how you live?

It doesn't look very fun, does it?

I never told you it was going to be easy.

Let Valerie in.

We will first describe the cause of the catastrophe.

Bob won't risk doing that.


You drive.

You're just on time.

Is Jesper on this ship?

Would you like to rephrase the question?

She's a blue-eyed Chinese Muslim.

Why don't I just talk to him?

He narrowly escaped being run over.

I gave them everything.

I don't like people who talk about me behind my back.

I'm sorry for being late.

Johnnie wouldn't tell Shutoku how to do it.

Who will win?

We've been cooperative.


Matthieu doesn't seem to get along well with anyone.


They tied me up.

You can't make up your mind, can you?

She was very brown after her holiday.

He left the town and was never seen again.

She has immediately an emotional outburst when arguing.

Friends and relatives are invited.

Nothing would tempt me to deceive him.

Xiaoding and Xueyou are sitting there listening to Teacher Wang talk.

We're not done with this.

Maybe they just don't like you.

There are three empty rooms. However, we can't use any of them.

The trouble is that there is little water left.

What do you think they are?

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Our train was an hour late because of the heavy snow.

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Clearly, both drivers weren't paying attention to the road.

Hillary was my boyfriend when I was in high school.

There is one rule that works in every calamity. Be it pestilence, war, or famine, the rich get richer and poor get poorer. The poor even help arrange it.

He behaves well in school but at home he causes problems.

Orville pushed Surya out the window.


I agreed to split the bill with Elwood.


The boss likes Galen's can-do attitude.

Everybody loves Tarmi, right?

I live in an old house.

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It was very quick.


You should come visit me when you have time.

The itching appeared several hours after eating.

We're not so different, you and I.


What is it with you and her?


Take the garbage out.


I think you made an impression on her.

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Although the arguments were rational, he was not convinced.